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From Accountants, to Mobile Hairdressers, to Tattooists - we've helped our customers save countless hours on administrative tasks for their small business or sole proprietorship.

For just £30 per month.*Excl. VAT

How can this help?

Watch our quick explainer video below - it's a lot less mind-numbing than page after page of text, we promise.


Around 60% of sole traders and small businesses will go bust within 6 months of data loss. We're here to prevent this from happening.


Time is money, so why waste it on administrative tasks? Commit more time to the important things like growing your business.


Your customers are your business. With automatic text and email reminders, missed appointments will be drastically reduced.


Freeing up your time and streamlining communication with your customers will always increase your sales and therefore revenue.


But wait, there's more...

Things are about to get a whole lot easier

ImperiumCRM is here. With bespoke setups for all our users, a super user-friendly interface and one low monthly payment, you can't go wrong. We often ask our users, how do you value your time? If we can save you just a few hours a month, we think it's worth the money - and the benefits don't stop there.

With our revolutionary customer communication system, top-tier data security and workflow management features, we truly believe that once you start using Imperium, you'll wonder how you managed without it.

ImperiumCRM on Mobile and Desktop

Pick 'n' Mix Features

Select the features that matter to you and your business.

Imperium began on the basis that, of all the Customer Relationship Management systems on the market, there's nothing specific to the needs of small businesses and sole traders. With big, bulky systems and endless features we found the learning curve to be just too steep. We've eliminated that, creating a system that's as easy to understand and use as your social media profiles - removing the need for expensive training sessions.

And that's just the start...

Completely Responsive

Did we mention it works on all devices?

Desktop, Laptop, iPhone, Android, Tablet - you name it.

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Karl Burton

Karl Burton

"It was just chaotic trying to manage so many different social media platforms to communicate with my customers, with Imperium it's so much easier."

Owner Karl Burton Custom Tattoo

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